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How to Add 3 Years To Your Life

After crazily signing up to run the Rutland Half-Marathon, I’ve been pounding the streets of Rutland trying to get myself in shape for the looming challenge on Sunday April 8th.

As part of the training regime, I’ve set myself one long run every Sunday. For ease of training that’s been around Oakham and the picturesque hills of Rutland. Whilst dragging my feet along and grumbling under my breath I’ve been pleasantly surprised at how many couples, families and individuals that I’ve met along the way, taking in the morning air and stretching their legs.

Exercise and movement is a great way to keep your joints mobile, muscles active and maintain cardiovascular fitness. It helps aid digestion and keep your internal organs functioning correctly. According to NICE guidelines, by 2020 the average British citizen will only expend 25% more energy per day than if they were to sleep all day. They also state that being Inactive and sedentary could reduce your life by up to 3 years. I know, I for one don’t want to lose 3 years of my life.

We live in an amazing county, why not enjoy it? Hopefully by the time the half-marathon arrives there’ll be plenty more people joining me on the streets of Rutland each weekend.

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