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Excellence Physio are now offering Pilates; both 1:1 sessions and classes. Beginners Pilates is available, as well as ante and post natal. 

APPI Pilates is completely led and taught by physiotherapists and focuses on restoring muscle balance by strengthening the core muscles. Pilates has been found to improve core stability, posture, balance, joint mobility and strength.

Group classes

1 hour classes are currently available on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday mornings as well as Tuesday and Thursday evenings.

Classes are £11 per session with pre booking required. Please use our TeamUp booking diary to book your place.


1:1 sessions

1 hour private sessions are available for £45. A second person may attend for a further £20. 1:1 sessions focus on your individual imbalances where these can be addressed in a more detailed, tailored approach.

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