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As your body changes during pregnancy, it is common to develop musculoskeletal aches and pains, often in your pelvis and lower back. Physiotherapy has been found to help with this, in conjunction with exercise. Exercise in pregnancy and afterwards can help reduce the incidence of insomnia, stress, pre-eclampsia, pelvic girdle pain, incontinence and rectus diastase abdominis. 


At your ante or post natal 1:1 session, you will receive a starter pack including some equipment enabling you to continue your exercises at home. An in-depth physiotherapy assessment will take place with a physiotherapist who is specially trained in working with the ante and post natal population. 

Following assessment and any recommended treatment, an individualised Pilates programme will be formed for you to help you achieve your goals and manage any pain or discomfort you are experiencing due to the changes in your body.

You may then be appropriate to join a group class, or you may prefer to continue with 1:1 sessions


This class is aimed at Ante and Post Natal ladies to improve the pregnancy and post partum experience. 


Participants are invited to bring along their little ones as we work on improving our pelvic floor and core control, and manage any other discomfort you may be experiencing due to the changes in your body. 


Ante and Post Natal
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