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Women's Health Physiotherapy

Women's Health Physiotherapy addresses issues including ante and post natal pain, incontinence, prolapse and painful sex. There is a growing body of evidence telling us that physiotherapy can help in alleviating and often rectifying these issues and many women do not know that this help is available. This is where we come in; our Women's Health Physiotherapists are experienced in working with ladies in order to overcome their issues and improve their day to day lives. As part of this service, we have our own bespoke post-natal package; "Excellence for Mums". 



What is "Excellence for Mums"?

Excellence for Mums is a bespoke physio assessment of the following:

  • Postural screening

  • Assessment of any physical problems arising from birth e.g. 3rd or 4th degree tears, episiotomy scars, c-section scars

  • Abdominal separation "Diastasis Recti"

  • Detailed assessment of pelvic floor strength 

  • Your personal goals for day to day family life through to work and fitness

Following the assessment, and in discussion with you, your physiotherapist will devise a safe, progressive exercise programme for you to improve your pelvic floor function, posture, core strength and mobility.


Why should I choose Excellence for Mums, can't I just do post-natal pilates?

You absolutely can! However, as physiotherapists trained in Women's Health we are uniquely qualified to assess both your external and internal muscle function in the post- natal period. Pelvic floor strength is much talked about but often neglected or performed incorrectly. This can lead to problems later down the line with pelvic floor and deep abdominal weakness which in turn can lead to back pain, pelvic pain, bladder or bowel continence issues.


I am too embarrassed to talk about intimate issues with a stranger!

This is totally understandable, issues such as incontinence, painful sex or just things being different to before baby are hugely intimate topics. However, rest assured that you have plenty of time and understanding therapists who have "been there" themselves. If you would prefer an online chat or email conversation with a physio prior to meeting in person this can be arranged. Help is available if you can take that first step.


What to expect from your appointment

Initial appointments are 75 minutes long, to give you plenty of time to discuss the issues that are concerning you. New Mums usually put their own needs last, this is YOUR time to discuss and plan your post-natal recovery and personal goals with the help and guidance of a physiotherapist. Your therapist will ask some questions around your medical history, pregnancy, birth, previous fitness levels and your goals. Internal pelvic floor assessment is optional and you will be given a full explanation of any examination recommended. However, plenty of advice can be given without the need for the internal assessment so it is entirely your decision. Ultimately our goal is to set you on the path to recovery with all the tools and support you need to get your body back to its best. 

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