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Yoga is Coming to Excellence!

Updated: Nov 14, 2023

We're absolutely delighted to announce the introduction of Yoga to our clinic timetable. Whilst there will be more information on the classes theirselves over the next few weeks, we thought we'd give you a bit more of an insight in to the ancient art of Yoga!

What is Yoga?

Yoga is an ancient system of physical, mental and spiritual practices that have been passed down through generations. It is the process of bringing unity to the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of ourselves.

Yoga practices include breathing techniques, postures, relaxation and other meditation methods to help achieve our overall goal.

What are the benefits?

A) Strength and Conditioning

Yoga is a gentle, but consistent activity on where you can improve your cardiovascular fitness, your overall strength and your flexibility, all within one class. It builds mental strength through the mindful sitting practices, the breath work and the postures by encouraging the body to remain calm throughout challenge, whereby in similar other situations we may subconsciously avoid.

B) Improved concentration

During classes you are encouraged to work on focusing the mind in different ways. Some times it is to observe the movement of the breath, and sometimes it is to look in a certain directional point, otherwise known as a drishti. When we are challenged mentally or physically, our mind or body tends to find a ‘way’ of bringing us out of that challenging scenario. A perfect example would be holding a difficult stretch and you find your ear starts to itch. Our minds are often so willing to pull us from any sensation that causes us distress that it disallows even beneficial discomfort, like stretching.

By attending a regular setting, such as a yoga class where you put yourself in these situations purposefully, but address them with a calm state of mind, allows you to improve that mental focus.

C) It simply allows us to ‘worry less’

I do not mean this flippantly! Developing the skill to choose to ‘worry less’ can be really powerful. Some times, a lot of our conscious thoughts can be ‘what ifs’, or worries that can have a huge impact on our overall mental health. Yoga encourages, and trains us to be observant of thoughts. When upsetting, or even fearful thoughts come up, rather than blocking them out or trying to think about something else to distract your mind, the yogic practice allows you to learn to sit with the thoughts without having to absorb the emotion attached to it. It is so empowering to know you have power and not fear, over your own thoughts.

So why come to our classes?

Yoga classes, like all corners of fitness exercise are readily available and can be accessed on all platforms. Just like our Excellence Pilates, our Excellence Yoga classes are run by a qualified Physiotherapist. If you have any health concerns, such as knee replacements, we can provide the correct adaptations you need in order to access the postures safely and within safe parameters.

As a result, we know what a safe level of discomfort is when it comes to stretching, and what alterations are needed when students have other medical conditions. We can teach you to build strength and resilience against challenging actions even with other medical conditions.

If you'd like more information or to book a class please click below.

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