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Recover Like An Olympian

On Thursday Alex spent the day at the Manchester Institute of Health and Performance, a phenomenal purpose built centre striving to achieve optimum levels of health and performance in professional competitors prior to Tokyo 2020, as well as members of the local community.

Alongside physiotherapists from some of the UK’s most elite professional sports clubs, Alex attended the IPRS Mediquipe Biodex Users workshop. Listening to speakers from the English Institute of Sport, Premiership football clubs and some of the best Universities in the country, he heard some of the success stories from one of the most under-publicised pieces of rehabilitation equipment, the Biodex.

The Biodex is a is a hi-tech device used for muscle testing and rehabilitation by medical and physiotherapy professionals. This isokinetic equipment allows you to evaluate strength, endurance, power and range of motion of all major joints and muscles, and provides highly detailed results of their performance. The results can be displayed in an easily readable format through graphs and charts and then used to determine the areas or deficiencies that need improvement.

We can use the biofeedback function to help compare discrepancies that occur between muscles. For example a recurring hamstring injury may be caused due to a discrepancy in hamstring strength. We can use the biofeedback results to highlight the issue as well as form part of our strength program. The continuous passive movement settings allow us to regain movement of joints post surgery, without putting any strain on the muscles or joints.

It’s biofeedback capabilities allow the user to consistently monitor and review their progress throughout their rehabilitation, setting achievable goals based on their scores.

One thing that Alex drew from the course was that he “Can't believe how many professional athletes and sports teams are using the Biodex, with many more sports teams beginning to invest in the state of the art equipment. It’s great to hear all of the success stories and prompts you to use and publicise it more.”

Excellence Physiotherapy is lucky to have one of very few Biodex systems in Leicestershire, if not the only one in private practice. Alex and the team use it regularly within their physiotherapy sessions to help clients diagnose, treat and overcome their injuries.

If you have an injury and would like to hear how the Biodex system might help you, then give us a call on 01572 720 491 or email us on

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