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It's A Marathon Not A Sprint ...

It’s been a busy few weeks since my last blog and I’m happy to say that my training is still on track and going well. It’s also been lovely to see a few of you guys whilst out training too.

I’m my last blog I spoke about how I’d neglected my nutrition and hydration in the run up to my long run, meaning that I hit a wall 16km into a 26km run. Focusing a little more the following week I’m pleased to say I completed a 30km run and only really began to feel a bit heavy legged 25km in, almost 10km further! Safe to say I was happy but still aware that I’ve got another 16km to go to complete the full marathon.

The following week I switched my focus to recovery. After having some stiff and heavy legs after my 30km run here’s what I did:

· Sleep – Sleep is a key factor of recovery. Sleep deprivation (less than 7 hours) can increase stress hormones, decrease regeneration of carbohydrate stores, impacts energy levels and reduces the rate of muscle repair [1].

· Compression Garments – Research shows that the application of compression garments to lower limbs during the recovery from exercise helps reduce the levels of delayed-onset of muscle soreness [2].

· Nutrition – Eating specific foods post exercise can help reduce muscle soreness, regain energy stores, help rebuild muscle fibres and restore minerals lost whilst running. The runners world article below gives some very useful and easy examples to try [3].

· Hydration – A reduction in hydration levels post exercise has been shown to reduce not only your body’s ability to recover, increases muscle soreness, fatigue and also decrease your concentration levels.

· Mobility – Keeping up with a good mobility routine helps reduce the levels of muscle soreness, stiffness and the keep reduce the risk of injury.

I’m pleased to say it worked! I’ve just completed a 32km run with no real issues only a little tightness in the final 1km. Fingers crossed for another enjoyable run this weekend.


1. Doherty R, Madigan SM, Nevill A, Warrington G, Ellis JG. The Sleep and Recovery Practices of Athletes. Nutrients. 2021;13(4):1330. Published 2021 Apr 17. doi:10.3390/nu13041330

2. Beliard S, Chauveau M, Moscatiello T, Cros F, Ecarnot F, Becker F. Compression garments and exercise: no influence of pressure applied. J Sports Sci Med. 2015;14(1):75-83. Published 2015 Mar 1.

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