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Excellence Pilates!

We have some exciting news for you here at Excellence Physio; we are branching out to incorporate Pilates! With two of our physiotherapists trained by the APPI (Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates Institute), we are really looking forward to holding classes as well as 1:1 sessions at our base in Oakham.

I am writing this blog from the comfort of the newest plant-based café to hit the area, which is filling me with inspiration and excitement for the developments we are making at Excellence Physio, that will improve your wellbeing as well as rehabilitating your injuries!

What is Pilates?

Pilates, invented by German-born Joseph Pilates in the 1920s, is a series of exercises performed in a certain way that were designed to improve core and back muscles. Having been originally designed for dancers, traditional Pilates exercises were very explosive and ballistic, therefore not appropriate for the general population and especially not those recovering from injury. Over time these exercises have been modified and are now regularly used as part of a physiotherapy rehabilitation programme as well as being used by the general population as a popular form of exercise.

Why should I do Pilates?

Whether you are injured or not, Pilates is a brilliant form of exercise for your whole body, focusing on your core whilst moving the body as one, united system. With reports of it improving posture, core strength, balance and joint mobility, as well as relieving stress, Pilates really can benefit everyone!

What is different about APPI Pilates?

APPI is completely led and taught by physiotherapists. It works on the instructor’s true understanding of exercise selection and adaptation for each class member. This means the class is tailored for each individual rather than blindly following a standard set of exercises. Throughout sessions you are also educated on why you are doing each specific exercise and how it may benefit you.

With APPI, traditional Pilates exercises have been modified to therapeutic exercises, aiming to restore muscle balance and correct postural alignment and have therefore been renamed Rehabilitation Pilates.

What is special about Excellence Pilates?

As an ex-dancer myself, I have participated in Pilates on and off for many years and reaped the benefits. When still performing, Pilates was brilliant in helping me overcome a serious ankle injury and return to performance fitness effectively. I therefore have first-hand experience of its benefits and am able to select and adapt exercises to aid with rehabilitation. Michele continues to teach many local classes and so has vast experience in using Pilates on an almost daily basis to help clients move well and improve their strength.

Look out for Pilates classes coming to Excellence Physio over the summer, but in the meantime, we are able to offer 1:1 sessions. Check our website ( and our Social Media pages for updates as they come.

We hope you are excited as we are about the introduction of Pilates to Excellence Physio and really look forward to you joining us for a class.

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