Isokinetic Systems
Biodex - Isokinetic Testing

The Biodex Isokinetic Dynamometer is a hi-tech device used for muscle testing and rehabilitation by medical and physiotherapy professionals. It allows you to evaluate strength, endurance, power and range of motion of all major joints and muscles. It then provides highly detailed objective data results of their performance. 

The results can be used to determine any areas or deficiencies that need improvement.

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Benefits Include:​

  • Regain range of movement - ideal post surgery.

  • Highlight muscle discrepancies

  • Strength training with objective data to track progress easily.

  • Works on all major joints in the body.

Best Used For:

  • Post Surgery - Regain Strength and Movement.

  • Rehabilitation post injury.

  • Athletic Medical Screenings - highlight areas of risk.

  • Strength training - Isometric, concentric and eccentric.

Used By:

  • ​Olympic Athletes

  • Premiership Football Clubs

  • Professional Rugby Clubs