Simon Miles

Simon is an MSK Podiatrist with a special interest in Orthotic (custom-made insoles) management of lower limb conditions. He graduated from the school of Podiatry in Birmingham with a first class honours in Podiatric Medicine, completing his dissertation at Aston Villa FC. More recently, he has been asked to return to the college as an associate lecturer in Biomechanics and Lower limb MSK conditions.


Simon treats all aspects of foot related problems from the simple skin and nail complaints to more complex biomechanical problems. Recently Simon Has started to incorporate acupuncture within his treatments to help manage pain with great effect.

Simon also runs a charity project called “the foot project” which has been working with refugees since 2015. Initially setting up pop up foot care clinics in the Calais “Jungle”, Simon took a team of podiatrists, physios and surgeons to the jungle to assist with the dire situation. This continued for over a year until the camp was bulldozed in 2016. Following this news, the foot project moved to Greece to work in collaboration with a charity called medicine du monde, which is where they have been working in 2017.

He is an avid sportsman who has played hockey at one of the highest levels for almost a decade and more recently taken on open water swimming for a number of fundraising activities. 


Simon (Right) and a colleague swam 12km to raise money for The Foot Project last summer.