Children's Physiotherapy

F R O M   £ 40   P E R   S E S S I O N

Post-Operative Rehabilitation - many children undergo surgery, whether for orthopaedic injuries or  to help manage neurological conditions. Physiotherapy may aid in effective, more timely recovery.

Hypermobility - this is a common condition in children and can cause significant discomfort, making daily activities difficult and less enjoyable for children. Physiotherapy is a useful tool in managing this

Neurological Conditions - conditions such as cerebral palsy and epilepsy have profound effects on a child's life. Physiotherapy can help manage the effects of such conditions, improving or maintaining independence 

Delayed Motor Development - If your child is not meeting milestones at the expected rate, physiotherapy may help with this, addressing factors such as balance, coordination and spatial awareness

Respiratory Conditions - long term respiratory conditions can be managed with physiotherapy, using fun games and activity to aid with chest clearance

Musculoskeletal Injuries - as children grow and play, they inevitably pick up injuries. To maximise recovery and minimise long term effects of these, physiotherapy is effective and enjoyable